2014 SRFB Process

The local grant review process is complete. The resulting project list was approved by our Board of Directors on August 7. The Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board (Board)  advanced this recommended funding list to the State, and it was approved as presented at the December SRFB meeting in Olympia. The following table summarizes the 2014 Yakima Basin SRFB proposals. Please use the project hyperlinks for additional information on each proposal. 

2014 Yakima Basin SRFB Submission Report

2014 Yakima Basin SRFB Proposals Recommended for Funding

 Project Name  Prospective Sponsor  SRFB Request Sponsor   Match Project Total Cost
 Coleman-Naneum Fish Passage   Kittitas County  Conservation  District $140,120   $28,745   $168,865 
 Yakima Basin Stewardship   Mid-Columbia FEG $183,810  $32,442  $216,252 
 Manastash Creek Acquisition &  Restoration   Kittitas County Flood  Control  Zone District $235,286  $41,522   $276,808  
 Upper Yakima River Restoration   Kittitas Conservation Trust $133,260  $0  $133,260 
 South Fork Oak Creek Habitat  Enhancement   Mid-Columbia FEG $133,090  $23,600  $156,690 
 Ahtanum Creek Restoration  Survey & Design   North Yakima Conservation  District $130,000  $0  $130,000 
 Naches River Side Channel  Assessment   North Yakima Conservation  District $76,392  $0  $76,392 
 Reducing Road Density in the  Naches Watershed   Mid-Columbia FEG $71,800  $14,050  $85,850 
 Badger Mtn ID Riverstation  Screens   Badger Mountain Irrigation  District $186,000  $59,150   $245,150 
Totals: $1,289,758 $199,509 $1,489,267