2018 SRFB Process

The 2018 Yakima Basin local and state grant round processes are now complete. Our Board of Directors approved the ranked funding list August 2nd and the list was submitted to the state August 15th. Final grant decisions were announced at the December SRFB meeting in Olympia. 

The following table outlines the recommended funding list approved by YBFWRB Board of Directors. We received an allocation of $1,181,880 for the Yakima Basin Lead Entity, which funded the first six projects completely and partially funded the seventh project. 

Please use the project hyperlinks for additional information on each proposal. 

2018 Proposals Recommended for Funding

Project Sponsor

Project Name


Total w Match

Yakama Nation Teanaway Community Forest Floodplain Restoration $200,000 $246,400
Yakama Nation Wood Replenishment in Four Tributaries $238,600 $293,488
Kittitas County Conservation District Cooke Creek Screening and Passage $396,812  $818,559
Washington Water Trust Ensign Ranch -- Big Creek Flow Enhancement Planning $47,758 $56,194
Yakama Nation Taneum Fish Passage at RM 1.8 $91,000 $111,000
Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group Ahtanum Restoration of Recreation Impacts $122,858 $169,021
Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group Mainstem Teanaway Restoration RM 8 $75,802 $89,302
Ducks Unlimited Greenhead Ranch Wetland/Creek Enhancement, Ph. 1 $315,258 $350,522
  Totals $1,488,088 $2,134,486

Please note: The Yakima River Side Channel Implementation and Restoring Access to Thermal Refuge at Yakima RM 25 projects were withdrawn for consideration of funding prior to submitting the ranked list to SRFB.