2019 SRFB Process

The 2019 Yakima Basin local grant round process is now complete. Our Board of Directors approved the ranked funding list July 31st and the list was submitted to the state on August 15th. Final grant decisions will be announced at the December SRFB meeting in Olympia. For the full 2019 schedule, see our page of Information for Applicants. 

The following table outlines the recommended funding list approved by YBFWRB Board of Directors. We expect an allocation of $1,181,880 for the Yakima Basin Lead Entity, which would fund the first five projects completely and partially funds the sixth project. The Yakima Basin Lead Entity has come to an agreement with the Lower Columbia Lead Entity to utilize a portion of their allocation in order to make the sixth project, Ahtanum Village Restoration Design, whole. 

Please use the project hyperlinks for additional information on each proposal. 

2019 Proposals Recommended for Funding

Project Sponsor

Project Name


Total w Match

Yakima County Gap to Gap Ecosystem Restoration $400,000 $481,353
Kittitas County Conservation District The Ranch on Swauk Creek $168,691 $229,155
Trout Unlimited Tjossem Ditch -- Improving Salmonid Survival $249,774  $298,774
Yakama Nation Tieton River Restoration Design Site #4 $90,000 $90,000
Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group Upper Yakima River Cottonwood Assessment $199,764 $236,195

Yakama Nation

Ahtanum Village Restoration Design $120,000 $120,000
Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group Spoon Full Side Channels $338,295 $398,595
 Kittitas Conservation Trust Hanson Ponds Project $95,818  $95,818
 Trout Unlimited Tucker Creek Passage -- Fish Passage Design $99,039 $99,039 
  Totals $1,761,381



Please note: The Naches North Loop Side Channel and Teanaway RM 8 Floodplain Revegetation projects were withdrawn for consideration of funding prior to submitting the ranked list to SRFB.