Lead Entity Feedback and Improvements

10/24/2014  By Darcy Batura - YBFWRB
Last week, Darcy and Alex presented our 2014 ranked project list to the State Review Panel in Olympia. Our presentation was well received, and we have no “Projects of Concern,” so everything is set for final approval by the SRFB in December. Thanks to all who contributed time and energy to evaluating the 2014 project list!

Now it’s time to start preparing our 2015 Grant Round. As a first step we’re collecting feedback. If you are a review committee member and/or project sponsor, you should have received an invitation to complete a survey on our lead entity process. Please do fill it out- it really helps us to know where to focus our efforts to improve the process! If you’re not a committee member or sponsor, but have thoughts to share about our lead entity process and what works and doesn’t, please do email Darcy. This winter, we’ll be working with the TAG to refine the focus actions list, with the Citizen’s Committee to finalize their scoring guidance, and with both Committees and the Board to talk about how we want to rank and fund projects in RCO’s new ‘stewardship’ category (which funds the maintenance of previously funded planting projects). We’ll also see what we can do to implement other improvements identified in the survey, so send us your ideas!

Coleman Naneum Fish Passage Project, SRFB list 2014

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