SRFB Grant Program Overview



Reecer Creek Floodplain Restoration project's wood placement and the newly excavated channel. Wood placement photo by R. Wassel and aerial image courtesy of Google Earth.

Salmon recovery grants are awarded by the Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) to protect and/or restore salmon habitat. The minimum funding level is $5,000 and there is no maximum for requests. Applicants must provide money or resources to match 15% or more of the grant.

The SRFB grant review process is coordinated by Lead Entities, like the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board (YBFWRB), which are local organizations that solicit projects from their geographic areas, organize technical and community reviews of the proposals, and present the best of them to the SRFB for approval.  

 Typical Projects
  • Replacing barriers to fish migration
  • Replanting stream banks
  • Removing dikes and levies
  • Installing large woody material to slow rivers and create habitat 
  • Buying pristine habitat
 Who Can Apply?
  • Local agencies
  • Special purpose districts, such as port, park and recreation, conservation, and school districts
  • State agencies
  • Tribes
  • Private landowners
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Regional fisheries enhancement groups

Grant Process

The 2020 grant round is now open. For more information, see our Information for Applicants pageDownload RCO’s Manual 18: Salmon Recovery Grants for broad-based guidance, and the YBFWRB's Lead Entity Manual for guidance to the local review process. Applicants are also encouraged to contact us to discuss project ideas and eligibility.