Information for Applicants

There are several steps to applying for a SRFB grant in the Yakima Basin Lead Entity process. Yakima Basin SRFB grant proposals must be submitted through the YBFWRB Lead Entity, and must meet YBFWRB recovery goals as outlined in the 2009 Yakima Steelhead Recovery Plan and/or the Yakima Bull Trout Action Plan. A full description of the local process is outlined in the Lead Entity Manual.

Here's the:

Request for Proposals for the 2019 Yakima Basin SRFB Grant Round

Schedule for the 2019 Yakima Basin SRFB Grant Round


Application Timeline 



January Request for Proposals

Pre-Applications Due

Pre-Application Conferences

April Full Applications Due

Sponsor Presentations 

State Review Panel Site Visits


Technical Advisory Group Evaluation

Citizen Committee Evaluation

August  YBFWRB Approves Project List

Project List Submitted to WA. Resource Conservation Office

December SRFB Announces Funding Decisions

Summary of Steps in the SRFB Grant Process

Submit Application to Lead Entity: Applicants for Salmon Recovery Funding must complete a pre-application(March) before submitting a full application. The pre-application process is meant to provide early feedback to applicants as they determine which proposals to pursue and how to develop them. Shortly after applicants submit the pre-application, they will be asked to schedule a conference with the pre-application subcommittee. When an applicant decides to carry a proposal beyond the pre-proposal review, they will need to work with the Lead Entity Coordinator to obtain a project number, then complete a formal application using the RCO’s PRISM database (April).

Local Project Evaluation: The evaluation happens in multiple phases, including applicant presentations, project site visits, technical advisory group evaluation and citizen committee ranking. This process helps the project applicant to develop the scientifically best projects based on feedback received during these steps. Once this local process is complete, the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board forwards their funding recommendations to the SRFB in Olympia (August). 

State Project Evaluation: The Washington SRFB will review all projects for eligibility and the scientific Review Panel will evaluate each project proposal for technical merits and will identify specific concerns regarding the salmon benefits and certainty of success.

Funding: SRFB project proposals are officially awarded at the mid-December SRFB meeting. Sponsors do not have to be present at this meeting unless they are defending a “Project of Concern”. After this meeting, the Outdoor Grant Manager assigned to the Yakima Basin will contact the sponsor for contracting details.

Long-term Commitments for Funded Projects

Acquisition projects must be operated and maintained forever. Restoration project applicants must demonstrate a commitment to 10 years or more of stewardship for the project.