Outreach Overview

Outreach Plan

Our Outreach Plan identifies the organization's goals to communicate how collaborative work is restoring fish in the Yakima Basin; explain what the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) grant program is, what it can fund, and how to apply; and lastly to increase understanding of who we are and what we accomplish.  We worked with our board of directors to prioritize strategies to achieve these goals:

  1. Immediate Priority
  2. Mid-Range Priority
    • Salmon Festival
    • Lecture Series
    • Fairs and Farmers Markets
    • Local Educational Events
  3. Long-Range Priority
    • Watershed Tours
    • Direct Mailing
    • Yakima Basin Watershed Steward Training
    • Conference Summit

Guest Speakers 

If you would like one of us to make a presentation to your group or organization on salmon recovery in the Yakima basin or the work we do, please contact us.  


Hands-on Watershed Display
Photo by A. Conley