2019 Eastern Washington Riparian Planting Symposium



The 3rd annual Eastern Washington Riparian Planting Symposium will be held March 7th, 2019. The event will be held at the Kittitas Event Center, 901 E. 7th Ave. Ellensburg, WA. 

Agenda and registration information will be available early 2019. 

This year we are organizing a lessons learned session and are recruiting presenters to discuss their projects in 10-15 minutes: challenges faced, how they were addressed (or not), and overall lessons learned. These should not be typical riparian planting projects, but rather those that experienced challenges that resulted in lessons learned. If you are interested in presenting, please send Tricia Snyder, tsnyder@ybfwrb.org, a few sentences describing your project and challenges faced.

We are also requesting donations for this year's event to ensure that it remains free or as low-cost as possible. If your organization is interested in sponsoring (please click here for more information on sponsorships) or simply donating a small amount, please contact Tricia Snyder.

Please contact Tricia Snyder, tsnyder@ybfwrb.org, 509-453-4104 x2 or Heather Simmons, hsim461@ecy.wa.gov, 509-454-7207 with any additional questions or to be added to the e-mail list for future announcements.